Join me to learn to code in Rust

Join me to learn to code in Rust

I am Romaric, CEO and co-founder of Qovery. I am 12 years of experience in backend development. I am experienced in Rust, Python, Kotlin, Java, Groovy, Go, Scala. In my free time I am working on RepliByte - an open-source application written in Rust to synchronize cloud databases. I've always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and that's why I am launching my Twitch channel to build in public RepliByte.

Here is a picture of me while coding

Join me if you want:

  1. To learn to code in Rust.
  2. Contribute to building an ambitious and useful project.
  3. Spend a good time.

My schedules:

  • During the weekend.
  • Some day during the week.

Here is my Twitch.

I can't wait to see you there. Let me know in the comment what you would like to learn about Rust.