Coding is addictive - thoughts of a dev CEO

Coding is addictive - thoughts of a dev CEO

I like to code! After a long day of calls, managing my teams, and making sure the business at Qovery moves in the right direction. I like spending 1-hour coding, even at 2 am 😄. It's quite addictive! For me, coding is art. It is the paintbrush that makes you able to express yourself with endless possibilities.

/// I am Rust code --
pub fn delete_stateless_service<T>(
        target: &DeploymentTarget, 
        service: &T, 
        is_error: bool
) -> Result<(), EngineError>
    T: Service + Helm,
    let (kubernetes, environment) = match target {
        DeploymentTarget::ManagedServices(k, env) => (*k, *env),
        DeploymentTarget::SelfHosted(k, env) => (*k, *env),

    let helm_release_name = service.helm_release_name();

    if is_error {
        let _ = get_stateless_resource_information(kubernetes, environment, service.selector().as_str())?;

    // clean the resource
    let _ = do_stateless_service_cleanup(kubernetes, environment, helm_release_name.as_str())?;


This is art 😍

I used to play piano, produce electronic music, and play lego when I was young. Coding is perfect for expressing your creativity and much more than that...

Coding is fun, not dumb

Absolutely, coding is fun. Do you know CodinGame and Codewars? People like me are crazy enough to spend time doing coding exercises to improve their skills and their ability to resolve problems. I like new challenges and coding is perfect for that. What about coding in a new language a problem that you have solved 100 times in your day-to-day programming language? Did you hear about Object Oriented Programming or Functional Programming? They are two different ways of solving the same problems. It's like going back home from school but using a different path than usual. Your brain is a muscle, using it in a different manner helps to make it even stronger to solve a large variety of problems. This is so cool 🤯🤩

# iterative
a = []
for x in range(100):

# comprehension list
b = [x*2 for x in range(100)]

# functional
c = list(map(lambda x: x*2, range(100)))

# a == b == c

3 different ways of doing the same operation in Python

Coding is rewarding

brain teasers box

I love brain teasers. Those games where I spend minutes to hours to find out what's the solution for them is so enjoyable 😄. Coding is about finding the most optimal solution to a problem. At Qovery (my company), our current main challenge is to turn app deployment seamless for developers on AWS, GCP, Azure... To achieve that, we need to solve tons of smaller problems. This is where I love my job 🍿Divide to conquer is rule number one.

Coding is like superpowers

In a digital world, being able to understand and talk the language of computers is divine. Even ordering your pizza is possible through web API.

  -H "Content-Type: application/json" 
  -H "Authorization: Bearer <JWT>" 
  -X POST 
    "Flavor": "ABC", 
    "Crust": "XYZ",
    "Size": "XL", 
    "Table_No": 9


Coding makes you better CEO in 2021

# I am Python code
prospects = [p for p in linkedin_profiles if profile.good_prospect()]
for protest in prospects:
  # this is how we make money right? :D

It has never been so easy to launch a company in 2021. With almost no fund, you can start to build the company of your dream online. The only problem is if you have no coding skills, you will no go very far without asking for help from someone $$$ (yes, I know there are plenty of no-code tools -- but at some point, you'll need to code something -- if you have a CTO, you're safe then :)).

For instance, last week, I worked on scraping the data from a few sources to better know my users. And I didn't need to disturb my team to do so.

And the week before, I created our Community Call page.

Qovery Community Call page

You are never better served than by yourself. This is all about freedom.

I am a creative, maker, and entrepreneur. I love to be free, and not relying on anyone to achieve what you have in mind is gold! Happy coding 👋


And you? Are you a coding addict too?

-- Pssst: I am hiring 👨‍💻